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Cloud_ComputingCloud computing is everywhere. We all use it and many times we don’t realise it. Have you downloaded the latest song onto your mobile, have you sent an email? Come on, we all have. Well, that is the cloud in action.

The Cloud has made our working lives easier. We can now access our emails from anywhere in the World and store vast amounts of data on services such as DropBox and even Facebook. The sharing and storing of information allows people to show their friends photos by accessing a website rather than carrying perishable hard copies. For those of us inclined, we can even airbrush our photos to hide blemishes.

So why have businesses been slow to adopt the cloud?Well, this is mainly down to bandwidth restraints which are no longer an issue and fear that the cloud is not as secure as their own server room.

Let me tackle that fear. The cloud isn’t actually a cloud floating about, it’s a state of the art, ultra-secure and reliable data centre built to house your data. Your server room is a room that you put things in. In this case expensive to manage and maintain servers.

Let’s think of this another way. I give you £2,000 in cash. You can either put it in a box under your bed or you can deposit it the cash in a bank. Which will you go for? A bank that has been designed and built to safely house your money, which offers assurances if anything goes wrong, which won’t destroy your money in the event of a fire. Or under your bed?

Ok, so the obvious benefits are security, reliability, ease… but here are 10 benefits of moving to Cloud for businesses in more depth:

1) Flexibility – the cloud allows growth in terms of users, storage capability etc. The cloud fits to your business.

2) Disaster Recovery – businesses using Cloud are able to operate during a disaster at their site because the brains of the solution aren’t impacted

3) Automatic Software Updates – you will automatically get the latest software upgrades with cloud.

4) Capital Expenditure is low – Cloud Computing services allow a pay for what you use rather than a heavy investment at the start.

5) Improved Collaboration –employees can work in unity whether based in the same office or not. The cloud just sees them as a user.

6) Work from Anywhere – as long as you have access to the internet you can work on documents anywhere in the World.

7) Document Control – all documents are kept in one central location making it an easy process to share information, make changes and collaborate.

8) Security – you take advantage of leading data security within the cloud so that you tick all compliances boxes.

9) Competitive Edge – businesses using Cloud are more fluid and can react faster to opportunities and recover better from disaster scenarios.

10) Corporate Social Responsibility – the Cloud is environmentally friendly and uses less energy.

What about Hosted Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony is a telephone solution located remotely in a data centre. It’s owned and maintained by your provider and all necessary software and product development is carried out on an ongoing basis. It could be the last telephone solution you ever need to invest in.

Cloud technology makes the running and maintenance of a business telephony system easier than ever. With all of the equipment off-site, cloud technology can ensure things are backed up and there is automatic disaster recovery plans in place allowing you to run your business even in a disaster scenario.

Beside “The 10 benefits of moving to Cloud” which form a similar pattern to Cloud Telephony, Cloud Telephony also delivers the following benefits:

  • Improve your Business – what do you need to do to improve your communications strategy? You have Cloud Telephony now so the communications topology of your business can be viewed easily. Where are you letting your clients down? How can you improve efficiency? The cloud gives you the information and the flexibility to see issues and make changes that give a measurable business benefit i.e. less waiting time for client calls.

  • Simplicity – A Cloud Telephony solution requires minimal hardware on your site and management of the solution is done through a web browser which is designed to be user-friendly so that non-IT people can understand it. All in all, quick and easy management of your new solution

  • Consolidation – the Cloud sees your telephony solution as a whole, meaning that adding users in, adding sites etc. is quick and simple. Once done it means you have a business communications strategy rather than multiple communication strategies that you piece together.

  • Development – as new features are developed, they will become available to you without the need for re-investment. All software upgrades are done as standard too.

  • Numbering – keep your existing numbers and add new ones with diverse area codes to expand your geographical presence

  • Integrate with mobiles – your mobile device can become your desk phone meaning your clients can get hold of you on your desk number anywhere in the World. Better still, you can still report on this and measure performance while remote-working!

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