4 Things you need to know about Cloud Telephony.

Cloud Telephony
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Hosted_Telephony_ImageCloud  Telephony, VoIP, Business Telephone Systems, Cloud Telephony, leased lines, Hosted VoIP – these are just some of the terms you may have come across when looking for a new telephone system for your business. All of these different terms for a similar product don’t exactly make it an easy job. Just as you’re trying to get your head around one thing, a new term pops up. 

And whether you’re familiar with the technology or just starting your initial research, here are four things you NEED to know…

1)   The right telephony system can make you money

If you work in a business where you need to track the billable hours to apply to your customers, then the right cloud telephony system will help make to make this process more accurate and ensure that you aren’t missing out on any billable hours.

On top of this, it can be integrated with your case management, so it’s easy to monitor everything that is going on and charge a customer/client for the time they are actually interacting with you. 

2)   A Cloud Telephony System doesn’t mean lots of equipment

In fact, there is very little equipment you need to run your day-to-day business on the phone. Obviously there are a couple of things you need – including a phone. But there is a lot less bulk than there might have been 5-10 years ago, meaning there is less to clutter up your office space. 

With the use of cloud technology, and the internet, the equipment you might normally expect to find with a business telephone system, is hosted externally with the supplier. This enables them to fix issues and provide upgrades without having to do site visits every time, meaning a lot less disruption to daily business. 

3)   Cloud Technology makes things easier

Cloud technology makes the running and maintenance of a business telephony system easier than ever. With all of the equipment off-site, cloud technology can ensure things are backed up and there is some sort of disaster recovery plan in place.

What’s great as well, is that just because the phone system is using the internet, there is nothing stopping it from making ordinary calls. There is clever technology in place that makes your digital signal into an analogue one to call people on a landline.

4)   You can work away from the office

If your work involves a lot of time spent on the phone, it can be difficult to escape the office. There is nothing worse than having to head back into the office, late in the evening because of a client call that had to be out-of-hours. Or it might be that you have the builders coming round so you can’t leave the house.

Either way, it is possible to connect to the system at work, from home, without lots of extra equipment. You can carry on as you needed without going to the office.

When you start to add these four factors together, it can become an asset, as opposed to just a need.

In summary, here are the four things you need to know about hosted telephony:

  • The right system can make you money

  • You don’t need lots of equipment on site

  • Cloud Technology can make things easier

  • It makes working away from the office simple

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