8 reasons you should invest in Cloud Telephony

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Cloud TelephonyYou may have noticed that there is a whole blog series on why we don’t sell PBXs. We should probably point out that we don’t hate PBXs and we’re not against them as such, we just feel there is a better solution.

And what is that solution I hear you asking… well, Cloud Telephony of course.

PBXs could be considered out-dated, or at least going out of date. There are just more modern ways of doing things that offer more benefits and advantages, so here are 8 reasons that you should be investing in Cloud Telephony…1) No more risk in your building

Cloud Telephony places the intelligence of your telephone set-up in secure data centres that are designed and built to be reliable and secure. You would need phones on your site but there is no intelligence which means that the risk and management of your telephony solution is removed from your site.

This means simplicity and reliability.

2) The Ability to Grow as a Business

Cost can be a big reason that some businesses don’t grow.

If you’re bringing in a group of new employees, the chances are you will have to provide communications for those people. That’s not such a problem, right?

You just need to install new phones for them. You contact your telephony provider and to your surprise, it’s going to get costly! To add another group onto the current service isn’t cheap and there are restrictions.

Cloud Telephony doesn’t carry this same burden, it allows you to add as many people as you need to the system without the costly drawback regardless of whether this growth is within your current site or you’re adding a new site.

3) Multisite Deployment

With Cloud Telephony, it’s easy to communicate between different sites. Where traditional PBXs might struggle, Cloud Telephony allows the sites to ‘talk’ to each other as if it were all in one location.

This allows you to look at your communications strategy as a whole rather than look at individual sites and try to piece them together.

4) It’s future-proof

Cloud Telephony is always being developed and improved and because of the scalability (the fact that you can keep adding people to the system), it’s also future proof.                                                                                         

Software upgrades are automatic and because your only hardware investment is on handsets it means that you don’t have an asset moving ever nearer to ‘end of life’.

5) It’s a known cost

With Cloud Telephony there are no hidden costs. You pay per-month per user and this cost is known. With a PBX you tend to pay for engineer visits, moves and changes and even more costly will be the software upgrades to ensure that you’re on the latest version.

6) Business Continuity rather than Disaster Recovery

People talk about disaster recovery but why react and try to recover from a disaster when you can plan to automatically continue your business in a disaster scenario.

Cloud Telephony allows you to set up in such a way that when something goes wrong you don’t need to initiate anything. Calls are automatically re-distributed on an agreed plan and you can focus on your business rather than frantically calling different suppliers to divert calls.

Better still, you can still report on your telephone during a disaster so that your clients are still looked after. 

7) Reporting 

How well do you use your telephony? Do you have the tools to tell? Chances are you will but to extract the information would require expertise that you don’t employ.

With a Cloud Telephony solution the ability to extract the desired reporting information is quick and simple. You can then look at how well you’re treating your clients and with the flexibility of Cloud Telephony you can quickly make changes to see quantifiable benefits.

8) Case Management Software Integrations

Cloud Telephony gives you the opportunity for Case Management Software Integration. If you work on a case-by-case basis or charge billable time on the phone, this can be useful as the system can start recording the time as soon as the client calls allowing you to accurately capture the billable time.

Cloud Telephony truly is the way forward, so why not jump on board now and start getting the benefits!

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