Bringing super-fast connectivity to Winsford Industrial Estate; why, how and a progress update.

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Our project on Winsford Industrial Estate (WIE) is one of many we’ll be running around the country to bring super fast internet connectivity to areas underserved by traditional options. 

As a part of the local community, we wanted to start close to home and so, with WIE being just around the corner, it seemed an ideal fit. 

WIE, as anyone resident on the estate will tell you, has a long history of being poorly supplied by connectivity options. You can sign up for a standard BT Business connection (or other commercial supplier)opt for a microwave dish link to a faster network or commit to an expensive leased line contractAll options have significant issues. 

The business packages feature high contention rates (you share your connection with up to 50 other businesses) and are unlikely to meet the needs of the modern business, using cloud-based apps, remote working and doing business online. The microwave link promises more, but by its very nature it falls over often and those businesses that have it report long fix times and barely visible speed improvements. 

WIE needs a stronger, faster, more reliable connectivity option. 

Our project is bringing full fibre connectivity to WIE, with speeds of up to 1gig and contention rates as low as uncontended (you are the only business using your connection). 

But you’ve heard that before. WIE has been promised better connectivity over the years, from national providers, only for those promises to disappear into thin air, along with any hope of getting faster, more reliable connectivity. 

Our project is different. Firstly, there’s that local element: we have ‘skin in the game’ and are here to see this fully delivered for our local area partners. Secondly, the network is backed by a national provider and by the government’s initiative to get faster internet to everyone by 2025. Local commitment; national weight. 

But the proof is in the pudding and here’s the first bit of proof. 

The picture on this blog is of brand new cabinet for our fibrebased connections. And the cabinet install has finished! The first step of bringing the new super fast network to WIE is already in. Live connections will begin over the coming weeks. 

And that’s not all. The new connections won’t only be faster; they will also be cheaper than your current option, because this is a nationally backed scheme and we refuse to be beaten on priceSo you get an industry-leading SLA for fixing any issues, faster speeds, less contention, a cheaper price. Oh… and did we mention we offer flexible contracts as well, so there’s no need for a long commitment? And, if anything goes wrong, we’re round the corner. Come and bang on the front door!

We really think this is a ‘win win’ for everyone involved and, most importantly, for all businesses on WIE. 

We’ll keep you updated as connections go live. If you have not already signed up along with your neighbours then send us some details here, we’ll be in touch to review the specifics and you’ll be one of the first to get access to the new network. 

If you’re not on WIE but are underserved by connectivity options then we’re looking for our next site. Get in touch via any of the options here and tell us where you are and what your situation is and we’ll scope out delivering a project exactly like this to you at some point soon.