Enhancing Client Experience

Enhancing Client Experience for Legal and Professional Services

Central to any business is the customer experience when they reach out to you. In order to win and retain clients it is important to understand and track how you measure up.

Do you know how many calls you are missing, how long your customers were kept on hold or the knowledge, attitude and helpfulness of your staff?

Last year we ran a secret shopper style survey on 30 Law firms to test their customer service over the phone.

We wanted to know how quickly the phone was answered, the manner in which we were faced with, whether we got through to the right person or whether we got through to anyone at all! The results were a surprise, showing that only 46% of calls made it through to someone that could help! See more of the results in our infographic.


Simple Reporting

With real time data and simple reporting tools, firms now have the management information they need at their fingertips to monitor, report and enhance client experience.