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Call Recording

Our call recording software helps you further enhance your customer relationships by capturing call content and making it easily accessible in ways not available before.

The Recording Platform

This is a revolution in Call and Communication Recording, as the platform is built with the concept to help every user achieve more from their calls. This is the main focus, built with complete security, reliability and unlimited scalability at its core. All recordings are captured on our infrastructure within region to satisfy all data sovereignty requirements.

Key Features...

  • Team CollaborationWith correct permissions, every user can now benefit from recording, allowing instant playback and secure sharing.
  • Secure, encrypted and compliant The recording platform has been built with the latest cloud technologies, enabling complete compliance and security.
  • Reliable, endless Cloud storageGone are the days of deleting recordings because storage is running out or becoming too expensive. With our call recording solution, organizations can expect up to 5-year storage for recordings.
  • Contact CentreAspects of the platform, such as scalability, collaboration and advanced search provide substantial benefits for Contact Centres
  • Akixi integrationIn addition to accessing your recordings through the Recording web application, Akixi integration enables access to your recordings within your existing call reporting software.
  • UK DeploymentOur solution is deployed within UK data centres.


Supports MiFID compliance...

As of the 3rd January 2018 current MiFID legislation will be expanded meaning that all businesses in the financial sector must record all their calls, including mobile calls and all recordings must be held for at least 5 years.

Every financial business must comply, regardless of size and there will be severe penalties for noncompliance. By using our recording platform you will ensure compliance of these regulatory changes.


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Here's a sneek peek of the Recording web application...

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""Concert’s hosted telephony system has given Now Vauxhall the tools we need to help provide an excellent level of telephone service. The wallboard has been an invaluable management tool, enabling us to build up an accurate picture of our incoming and outgoing calls, which help us make intelligent decisions relating to staffing and query handling, whilst giving us a benchmark for continual improvement.""
Jon Taylor Managing Director, Now Vauxhall


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