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Call Reporting

MI giving you a truly accurate picture of a callers experience when they phone your business...

How effectively does your business manage calls?


Our innovative Cloud Telephony with Call Reporting tools gives you information such as time to answer, call abandoned rate and time on hold. And you can report on this information, giving you a truly accurate picture of a callers experience when they phone your firm.

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So what will you get?

Better manage your resources


Not sure you’re making the most of staff resources? You’re able to make informed decisions regarding working patterns, open times or call routing. It gives you a truly objective way to monitor staff performance.

Learn and act quickly with real time visibility

See which offices or departments are receiving the most calls. Think you have a backlog in one team or another? ‘Heads-up’ dashboards give you the real time data you need to act accordingly. 

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"Concert’s hosted telephony system has given Now Vauxhall the tools we need to help provide an excellent level of telephone service. The wallboard has been an invaluable management tool, enabling us to build up an accurate picture of our incoming and outgoing calls, which help us make intelligent decisions relating to staffing and query handling, whilst giving us a benchmark for continual improvement."
Jon Taylor Managing Director, Now Vauxhall

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