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Cariocca offer short term tenancy agreements for growing businesses, but when long-term connectivity contracts were stopping tenants in their tracks they needed a more impactful approach.

The Challenge

Cariocca are dedicated to offering businesses of all sizes office space that can grow as they grow. With short-term lets, no hidden charges and low cost, the company had an attractive proposition for businesses in need of premises. However, Cariocca were encountering a problem. Whilst tenants could get a Cariocca property quickly and efficiently, they needed to secure their own internet agreements, often at high cost, on long contracts, for poor connections, with long install times. This delayed tenants taking up occupancy of units or even stopped occupancies all together; tenants were put off short-term tenancies by the need to sign up to long term connectivity contracts. Connectivity was becoming an obstacle to maximising tenant occupancy rates at the business parks, but the solution wasn’t obvious. Moving beyond broadband connections was not feasible for tenants and given the absence of cabling infrastructure servicing the buildings, Cariocca initially saw resolving the problem as commercially unfeasible.

The Solution

In consultation with Cariocca, we designed the ultimate solution. What if Cariocca could offer their tenants super-fast, instantly available connections, on the date tenancy agreements started, for a lower cost than mainstream, low-speed broadband? Not only that, but as owner of the network, what if Cariocca could develop a revenue stream from the network? And with the network in place, why not offer tenants additional services, like VoIP telephony and call answering?

Cariocca had no in-house connectivity and communications expertise, so we were on hand to manage the entire project, including the install and ongoing support and liaising with third-parties, such as the cabling companies. New cabling was installed to each unit on Cariocca’s properties, creating gigabit-capable connections.

Using the BDUK Voucher Scheme to keep costs within expectations, we built Cariocca a future-proof network to supply to their tenants. Tenants received super-fast, instantly available, gigabit-ready connectivity from the moment they got the keys to their premises, as well as the option to sign-up to fully hosted VoIP telephony and other services.

The Impact

With a brand new network in place, Cariocca could offer tenants instant connectivity, through them, all managed by Concert in the background. Instead of the money for connectivity going on low-speed, poor quality connections, Cariocca instead provided a far improved service for tenants and created a new revenue stream for themselves, with Concert providing the technical backing. A barrier to tenancy was removed and instead Cariocca created a new incentive for tenants to stay longer.

What’s more, if tenants did move, Cariocca could continue supplying some services, such as their VoIP connections, even when the tenants were no longer in a Cariocca property, again creating a new revenue stream. With tenants using Cariocca’s network and VoIP offering even more new opportunities for increased service and revenue were created. Cariocca could offer call answering and enhanced communications technology, to enable tenants to work from home, for example, or to explore enhanced reporting on their communications performance.

The project transformed Cariocca’s connectivity situation from one where connectivity was costing them tenancy revenue to one which generated additional revenue and allowed them to delight tenants with the quick and convenient connectivity options available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a hosted phone system for a company?

You'll have peace of mind that you’ll always have access to the latest technology through free and automatic updates. This removes the usual expensive upgrade costs associated with traditional on-premise systems. We also include disaster recovery provisions built into the cloud, so your system will keep running even if a fire or flood strikes.

What level of in-house technical skills are required?

Concert can fully manage the setup and installation for you, and we’ll provide training for your users to ensure they can use the system properly. Because it’s based in the cloud, any changes can be made easily using online portals, or alternatively, our support team can take on implementing changes for you remotely.

Is the system expensive to install?

No. Choosing a cloud-based system removes the large upfront cost of traditional on-premise hardware, and the associated engineering costs needed to manage it. Cloud-based communication technology is the obvious choice for businesses who want to take advantage of the flexibility of a cloud software model.

Can I rely on the call or video quality?

As your calls will be routed through your internet connection, sufficient connection quality is important. We’ll ensure that you have a suitable connection for our product. We are also able to provide Leased line and Broadband products, meaning you can be assured of great voice quality at all times.

What happens if my requirements change?

A cloud-based system gives you flexibility. You pay on a per-user basis and you can scale up and down easily as your business grows or restructures, meaning that you only ever pay for exactly what you need, and can make changes to react quickly to business changes.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?

In the majority of cases, Concert can arrange for you to keep your existing UK landline phone numbers by porting the numbers over to our platform. The process can take a few weeks, but we’ll manage the whole process for you as part of your onboarding process.

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