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Case Study: How a new phone system enabled a multi-site car dealership to lose dramatically less calls, improve customer service and scale up for the future.


Formed in 2006 and employing over 300 people in Ten different locations, Now Vauxhall is one of the fastest growing car dealerships in the South of England.



Now Vauxhall found themselves running seven independent sites, each with their own site-based telephone system, each with their own receptionist, handling inbound calls. Inevitably, this often meant that the receptionists had little to do at certain points in the day, whereas during busy times they were overwhelmed - not the most efficient use of resources!   

As a result, callers experienced lengthy delays during peak periods, with some calls even being left unanswered. Other calls were frequently lost or abandoned when attempts to make transfers between sites were made. Not to mention the callers who would end up being routed through to the wrong department.  

And imagine being asked to call back on a different number when you phoned to book a service or test drive, as there was no means of transferring your call if the line was busy. Not the kind of slick, high-end service you would expect from a main dealership. The inefficiencies in the system were all adding up to frustrated customers and lost revenue.



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Now Vauxhall wanted to:

  • Improve customer service by ensuring all incoming calls were answered within 20 seconds.

  • Minimise the number of calls lost.

  • Improve efficiency by ensuring sales and service teams were not taking calls for other departments.

  • Save costs by reducing staff overheads and call charges.

  • Provide a platform which would enable future site acquisitions to easily integrate.



The real difference came when Concert introduced a hosted telephony solution which allowed all ten Now Vauxhall sites to use the same remotely managed system.

Calls are now handled initially by a centralised in-house customer support and business development team  who instantly transfer callers to any extension on any site. An Internet-based wallboard application displays a range of information such as the number of calls waiting, received and the average time to answer, alongside performance figures for each operator. This has revolutionised productivity reporting. The wallboard also allows managers to plan for busy periods, keeping customer service optimised. A web-based portal allows the agents and IT team to easily manage the telephone system in real time e.g. users moving location, changes to call queues, hunt groups, adding additional users, bank holiday call flows etc.

What Now Vauxhall found particularly attractive was that the capital outlay was minimal and all system upgrades are automatic and included within the monthly fee, unlike traditional telephone systems. Equally important, given the company’s growth plans, is the solution’s complete scalability.

The new system ticked all the boxes for Now Vauxhall with its future proof, robust and reliable infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted service.   



Now Vauxhall has been able to:

  • Benefit from reduced overheads, thanks to the system’s increased functionality, which meant they were able to reduce the number of receptionists at head office by two.

  • Handle incoming calls much more efficiently and improve the customer experience. 

  • Plan for busy periods through the use of the analytics portal and wallboard application.

  • Experience greater flexibility and scalability, proven by quickly and easily bringing a further three sites on since the system was implemented in 2008.

  • React quickly to the situation on the ground by modifying call flows and hunt groups in minutes.

  • Enjoy significant cost savings due to having a single system, which allows free calls between sites.


"Concert’s hosted telephony system has given Now Vauxhall the tools we need to help provide an excellent level of telephone service. The wallboard has been an invaluable management tool, enabling us to build up an accurate picture of our incoming and outgoing calls, which help us make intelligent decisions relating to staffing and query handling, whilst giving us a benchmark for continual improvement."
Jon Taylor, Managing Director, Now Vauxhall

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