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 Case Study: Zuba Ski take advantage of our Inbound Number service


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Concert has helped Zuba Ski to ensure they never miss a call with our Inbound Number service.

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You can find out more about Zuba Ski by visiting www.zubaski.com



About Zuba Ski

Zuba Ski Bespoke holidays at no extra cost to the customer. 

They offer a unique proposition compared to many other ski companies by seeking to lure people away from the larger more commercial resorts and to re-introduce them to the true wonder of the mountains and the people and cultures that exist in authentic Alpine villages. Their objective is to search out and find small resorts in the Alps that offer great tradition, great character and great skiing.


Zuba Ski’s problem

Zuba Ski used a basic inbound number service that allowed them to redirect calls and answer the phone when they were out of the office, but they were having problems with the quality and reliability of their calls.

When Zuba came to expand their team, they knew that their old system would no longer serve its purpose, especially after they recruited a full time remote worker to handle inbound telephone calls.

They didn’t want confusion between remote workers and their office based staff when it came to answering the phone, and the system they were using wasn’t set up for multiple users in different locations, so it became clear that they needed to upgrade to a more professional service.


Concert’s solution

Concert’s inbound number service met all Zuba Ski’s needs without compromising their low business running costs. We provided them with two local inbound numbers, which meant they could take advantage of a host of call control features available through our online portal.

There is no longer ambiguity as to which staff member should answer the phone as notifications show which area of the business a customer is calling for, before the phone is answered; a lifesaver due to the increased staff numbers. 

Remote workers and staff members travelling or on holiday can quickly and easily direct calls to a mobile number and answer machine messages are automatically sent as emails so that there is no delay to enquiries getting picked up when workers are on the road.


‘Working with concert was very easy. The set up was simple and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. We got two great memorable local telephone numbers and I’m not sure if we would have got them if we went through another supplier. And it’s working, since set up we haven’t had to change a thing.’

                                              Mike Crompton, Managing Director, Zuba Ski


We are currently offering FREE set up and your FIRST MONTH FREE on Inbound Numbers. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

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