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Cloud Contact Centre

So how does a Cloud Contact Centre actually work?

You’ve heard it’s a hosted cloud-based telephony system but what does that mean in practice when your support or sales staff come to use it? And more importantly, what will your customers experience at the other end of the line? Imagine a busy reception with lots of inbound calls. With a traditional phone system, you were automatically limited by the number of lines you had coming in and the capacity restraints of the PBX. With a Cloud Contact Centre, however, staff can log in or out as available to help with demand and optimise the queue based on the behaviour of your customers and the trends during certain times and periods, queuing up to 525 calls at any one time.

You can also scale up and down as required. If you need new users or additional locations, it’s no hassle to simply add them in. So as you get new clients, the system allows you to manage them with the minimum of fuss, expanding to accommodate your growth and success.

Here's what you can expect from our Cloud Contact Centre…

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    Reliability - Our cloud platform is 99.999% available, governed by comprehensive guarantees.

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    Easy scalability – quickly and easily scale up to meet demand.

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    Call reporting - Need accurate data? ‘Heads-up’ dashboards serve it to you instantly.

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    Call routing - route the caller to the relevant department according to skills or time of day.

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    Queuing technology - queue from 54 to 525 calls, with menu options, comfort messages, queue position and wait time and vital information such as how many calls are lost.

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    CRM integration - Better serve your clients and increase productivity.

  • So what will you get?

    You’ll have an enterprise grade contact centre with full functionality at your disposal, 24/7, 365 days a year, provided at an individual user level for 1-10,000 users. As you just ‘pay per seat,’ it enables SMEs to get access to a full enterprise level service. So whether you have just two or three people or one to two hundred staff in a centralised virtual contact centre, the system is flexible enough to accommodate your needs and is equally appropriate for a field-based service too. You can also centralise multi-sites under one system and the ‘follow the sun’ routing function means it can cope internationally, cross border and in different time zones wherever you are.

"Concert’s hosted telephony system has given Now Vauxhall the tools we need to help provide an excellent level of telephone service. The wallboard has been an invaluable management tool, enabling us to build up an accurate picture of our incoming and outgoing calls, which help us make intelligent decisions relating to staffing and query handling, whilst giving us a benchmark for continual improvement."
Jon Taylor Managing Director, Now Vauxhall


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