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Cloud Telephony

So you’re thinking of moving to cloud telephony…

Let us give you a run through of what it will mean in practice.

Firstly, it’s a resilient hosted phone system, powered by the market leading Broadsoft platform. This means, unlike many on-site systems, you will benefit from increased reliability with comprehensive guarantees, improved call quality and robust technology.

And when that disaster strikes, whatever it may be - flood, fire, break-in - you’re not dependent on your on-site phone system. That means pretty much whatever you throw at it, your cloud telephony system will remain up, meaning you can continue to communicate with your clients regardless.

When your clients call, they want to speak to you not listen to hold music. The advanced call routing and analytics with cloud telephony will enable you to spot any bottlenecks, react quickly and deliver an improved client experience.

Here's what you can expect from our telephony…

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    Reliability - Our cloud platform is 99.999% available, governed by comprehensive guarantees.

  • crm-integration.jpg

    CRM integration – Better serve your clients and increase productivity.

  • agile-working.jpg

    Agile working – Have the same great system at home, or a café, or overseas.

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    Easy scalability – quickly and easily scale up to meet demand.

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    Call reporting - Need accurate data? ‘Heads-up’ dashboards serve it to you instantly.

  • online-portal.jpg

    Online portals - Allow you to be totally in control of your communications and make any changes quickly and easily.

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    Reception console - allows staff to see calls waiting and the firm-wide visibility and presence of all users, regardless of location.

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    Centralised reception - Centralised call handling allows you to centralise your reception function.

  • With Cyber Fraud becoming an increasing problem for all businesses, Concert has developed a new solution to monitor and report any suspicious activity based on historical spending patterns. The Sentry fraud management service is mandatory and free of charge.
  • Your new phone system may live off site but you will still get access to our state of the art network. Updates are standard as soon as they become available, giving you cutting edge technology at no extra charge. Added to which, online service management means that you have greater in-house control of your communications. Throw into the mix greater flexibility, enhanced security and lower cost of ownership and your decision to move to cloud telephony may be becoming that much clearer.

""Concert’s hosted telephony system has given Now Vauxhall the tools we need to help provide an excellent level of telephone service. The wallboard has been an invaluable management tool, enabling us to build up an accurate picture of our incoming and outgoing calls, which help us make intelligent decisions relating to staffing and query handling, whilst giving us a benchmark for continual improvement.""
Jon Taylor Managing Director, Now Vauxhall


Case Study

Read how a new phone system enabled Now Vauxhall to lose dramatically less calls, improve customer service and scale up for the future.


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So you’re thinking of moving to cloud telephony...

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