Coronavirus and remote working – your questions answered

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As the nation awaits the next government update, we’re answering your questions on Coronavirus and business continuity.

Can staff take their handsets home?  At home, would it plug into the wireless router? 

Theoretically yes, but consumer broadband services have been known to cause issues with physical handsets. It’s also worth considering whether you have a power pack for the handset itself, or where in the house your router is situated. It may not be suitable to have a phone plugged in next to the front door, whilst working on a laptop at the kitchen table, for example.

It is much more effective to use the desktop softphone (where users have laptops), or mobile softphone (for iPhone and Android users). Both options would use the Wi-Fi.

For the mobile devices, can staff use their personal mobile? 

Yes, there is no charge for the app itself so personal mobiles can be used at no cost to the user (assuming they are using Wi-Fi).

What about softphone on a laptop? 

This is also an option and many homeworkers prefer this to a mobile softphone for two main reasons; not having to worry about mobile battery running low; the option to use a headset.

Can we just give you a list of home users and they’re all set? 

Due to the number of customers asking for these changes, we are working through a substantial list of service requests. Depending on how many clients ask in the same timescale, it may not be possible to add all 100+ users instantly, but we will be prioritising accordingly.

If you’re looking at homeworking as an option, then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can add you to the list.

Can we just use personal mobiles and set up redirects from the DDI to the mobile? 

Yes, this will work for direct dial/DDI use but will not work for hunt group calls or outgoing calls. It’s also worth considering that calls might be of poor quality in areas of poor signal, and that personal (potentially inappropriate) voicemails may also be reached by business calls.

Will Concert’s offices be open or will you all be working from home?  

The beauty of what we do as a business is that we are not bound by any office location and can carry on as normal from any location. We have embraced flexible working for the last 5 years or so and working from home is nothing out of the ordinary to us. In fact, you’ve probably spoken to one or more of us on many occasions when we’ve been working remotely, not necessarily even in the country.

We’ll of course let our clients know if the office is not physically manned, but we do not anticipate any reduction in service levels should that be the case. 

If there’s anything else we can assist with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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