Cyber Security

Phone Hacking and Telecommunications Fraud is thought to cost the UK more than £1 billion a year!

Devices_(laptop,_phone,_tablet_etc.)Cyber crime is increasingly becoming a threat for many businesses, regardless of size, as cyber criminals find new ways to hack into technology and steal information or rack up huge telephone bills for companies through telephone fraud. 

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is about protecting networks, computers, programs and data from attacks, hacking and unauthorised access. It is focused on identifying vulnerabilities to attack, negating the risk of such attacks and limiting the damage caused in the event of a Cyber Security breach.

A staggering number of organisations – large and small – have neither the knowledge nor the resources to ensure that their systems, information, processes and people are protected from cyber crime. 

Learn more from our Infographic - Are You Cyber Secure?

Are you Cyber Secure?

Simple Protection Measures:

1) Passwords should be a complex combination: a mix of letters, numbers, capitals and symbols. These should be applied in the office, out of the office, at home and across all devices including the telephone system and voicemail.

2) Password Management: Have a written policy for password management including a specific policy to change passwords as staff roles change or as people leave the company, especially those with administrative access to systems (including telephone systems).  Passwords should be changed on regular basis, i.e. at least monthly.

3) Control voice and data network access by device certificate and/or user name and password - this ensures that not just anyone can pick up the phone or log onto the Internet and start using it.

4) Centralise administration and use domain restrictions and two-factor authentication for administrative access (including the credentials), signalling data, and configuration files.

5) Regularly install OS updates, and limit software loading on devices.

North-West Cyber Security Cluster


Concert are part of The North West Cyber Security Cluster, founded in 2014, which is a group of SMEs from the cyber security and IT industry across Lancashire, Cumbria and Merseyside.

The cluster works with businesses that share a common goal to raise the standards of cyber security and provide services that help to protect businesses from cyber threats and prevent cyber criminals.