Faster Britain for The Embankment and Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate

Faster Britain powered by Concert is bringing a gigabit enabled full-fibre network to The Embankment and Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate.

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The UK government has identified country-wide internet speeds as a key issue for businesses in 2020 and beyond.

In the new way of doing business, brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses will be doing more tasks online and accessing more cloud-based applications, making internet speed even more important to how we all work.

The government’s aim is that, by 2025, everyone has access to gigabit-fast full-fibre broadband.

Faster Britain powered by Concert is at the heart of making this possible.

Faster Britain represents a significant investment, backed by Ofcom and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. This is a chance to bring real full fibre to The Embankment and Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate, not a ‘Heath Robinson’ daisy chain of microwave links with a poor SLA.


This is a real opportunity to get the businesses on The Embankment and Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate proper gigabit fast, full fibre, with guaranteed uptime and a robust SLA. This is not daisy chain of microwave links that produce average speed and fall over often. Backed by a national provider, Ofcom and the government – and with no extra cost to Embankment or Heaton Mersey businesses – this is a chance to get a genuine best-of-breed solution for the estate, rather than the ‘sticking plasters’ that have previously been available.

Neil Hollands, Managing Director, Concert

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This project is currently at the planning stage. The more interest we have registered from businesses on The Embankment and Heaton Mersey the more likely the project will be to complete. From confirmation, completion could be in as little as 4 weeks, meaning your business is making use of gigabit fast full fibre in record time!

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The connectivity your business has always needed, wherever you are.


Quickly deployed infrastructure, minimising disruption.


Work faster, increase efficiencies and allow you team to be more productive.


Fully supported by Concert's friendly, UK-based team of experts.

Working for you

Working for you

Concert have partnered with ITS Technology Group to bring #fasterbritain connectivity to internet ‘not spot’ areas and areas still suffering with slow speeds, such as The Embankment and Heaton Mersey. No additional investment is required from you and the network build can be up and running in as little as 8 weeks.


Concert are a friendly local team based in the glass and oak building around the corner, on Bostock Road. You can speak to Niki or Helen  on 0808 208 2404 or at if you’d like more details on the project or what we do.

The government is fully committed to bringing a high-speed, gigabit capable internet connection to every home and business in the UK by 2025… It is absolutely fantastic that alternative network operators… are playing an important role in delivering this pledge. It is this sector’s agile and innovative approach that will help to get fibre done.

Justin Leese, Programme Director, Local Full Fibre Networks, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

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Waiting on Openreach?

End your reliance on promises that 'one day' the network will reach you.

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Struggling to connect?

Get clear and consistent communication for remote apps and teams.

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Slow internet since time began?

Tried everything to improve the speed of your internet? Faster Britain is here to help.

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Improved SLA

Fast fixes, more uptime, a more resilient solution all around.

Case Study: The Orchard Trading Estate

The businesses on The Orchard Trading Estate had struggled with internet speeds for years. As an ‘off grid’ rural trading estate, The Orchard had lacked the infrastructure investment that urban developments often received. Attempts to rectify the problem had been met with false promises and long delays that had left businesses frustrated and with little hope of improving things any time soon.

Where others had failed for years, Faster Britain delivered gigabit-capable full fibre broadband to the estate within 2 months. The network was live within 2 days of the install finishing and immediate the 8 businesses on the estate who led the push for faster broadband were connected.

“We waited more than 18 months for a full fibre network to be built, but a series of false promises and no progress meant we were forced to look for an alternative provider. It was clear from our early discussions they could find a way to deliver gigabit capable services. I knew that there were a number of businesses on the estate facing the same broadband challenges, so I brought us together to make sure we could find a commercially viable solution that would result in us all being connected.”

Ronan Lynch, Managing Director, Evesham Specialist Packaging, The Orchard Trading Estate