Faster Britain (and the Concert team) comes to The Embankment Business Park and Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate

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How often do you get an email from a telco or connectivity provider that goes something like: ‘we want to help you, blah, blah, blah’, ‘we’re invested in your success, yada, yada, yada,’ or, even, ‘we care about the internet available in your area, etc., etc., etc.)’?

We reckon that it’s probably quite often. Well… we know it’s quite often actually, because they send us the same emails.

Well, here’s something a bit different. We are bringing better internet to businesses with terrible local connectivity provision. We’ve just done it on Winsford Industrial Estate and, guess what… we’re doing it again!

And not only can we point to the fact that we’ve improved life for the businesses on Winsford Industrial Estate and followed through on our promise to get them better internet, but look… here we are… already on Embankment Business Park and Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate, getting started on the work. Say hello to Catherine (who is new to LinkedIn videos!).


So if you’re on Embankment or Heaton Mersey then say hello! Either when Catherine or one of the team (in ‘Faster Britain’ high vis) are wandering around, looking lost, talking into a phone… or over here – just fill in this form and we can check if we can connect you to the new internet we’re putting in place.

And why might you want to get connected?

Well we know you haven’t always been best served by connectivity options. Reliant on old cabling and standard retail business packages, we’ve heard from many of you that the internet connections across the estates just are not at the high standard we should all expect in the 21st century.

Our Faster Britain project will put an end to that and bring genuine best of breed connectivity to The Embankment.

The project will involve first installing fibre optic cables to carry the new super fast connections. This install project will be carried out using the existing infrastructure of the estate where possible, minimising the disruption and environmental impact of the network build.

When the install is finished we’ll handle getting businesses connected and supporting them with an industry-leading SLA.

Businesses who choose to take advantage of the new connectivity available to them will be able to enjoy;

  • Speeds of up to 1 gigabit.
  • An industry-leading SLA.
  • Low or zero contention options; your connection is no longer reliant on how many of your neighbours are also connected.
  • Save money and get a better connection, thanks to our contract buyout pot and other pricing options.
  • Flexible contracts; pick your contract term.

You can find out more about the project and find the page to check if your business can be connected to the new network through our dedicated page here.

We’re looking forward to delivering faster, strong, cheaper, more flexible internet to The Embankment and Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate soon!