Getting more out of Microsoft Teams with our Voice2Teams videos

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Like everyone else we feel as though we’ve been on roughly 412 Microsoft Teams calls this week.  

Yes, “Zoom (and Teams) Fatigue” is a real thing and we’re all feeling it. 

But, the fact remains that Teams is a great solution to stay connected when we can’t be together and, for all the moaning and interruptions/cameos from the MD’s cat, we love it. It brings us together and helps work to, well… work. 

If you’ve been using Teams for a while though you’ve probably started to notice the little areas of weakness. It doesn’t integrate to your CRM. Voice quality is OK, but not quite what you’re used to. There’s also some voice downtime to contend with because Teams’ SLA isn’t a particularly extensive one. 

Well, we have a solution to all of that called Voice2Teams and, in true Teams style, we’ve created some videos to explain how it works and what it does.  

You’ll find the answers to all your Teams-based questions in the video above and those below, as our very own Helen sat down with Evolve IP’s Jamie to talk through why Voice2Teams is being used by so many companies to improve their Teams voice functionality.