Report reveals 98% of law firms fail to follow-up new client enquiries

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Does your business follow up on every warm opportunity? Our research has revealed that many law firms are actively ignoring inbound enquiries. In fact, just 2 per cent of the calls we made to 30 leading law firms were followed up with sales communications.


This extremely low figure highlights the challenge facing many legal firms, who are now faced with increasingly strong completion within the sector. Deregulation of the market and the rapid pace of modernisation is bringing about change as more and more ‘disruptive’ firms are starting to alter the marketplace.

This statistic was obtained as part of the research carried out by Shoppers Anonymous for our Legal Services Communication Report 2016. We are now in the third year of this report and our approach is simple; we called 30 leading law firms at three different times in the day to find out how well they responded to incoming calls requesting a quotation for a relatively simple legal service.

Legal firms now need to take on modern and sales driven practices if they want to stand out from the crowd. Yet our research found that on 52 per cent of calls neither our telephone number nor email address was taken. This suggests a lack understanding by over half of the legal firms surveyed that any further contact, marketing or sales activity is required or beneficial to client experience and business growth.

How good is the service your clients experience when they call you? Does your firm follow up on all the enquiries it receives? Our full report is free to download and contains many more insights for law firms and clear guidance on how to improve your firm’s communications. You can download our full report here.