Just in case you’re still wondering why you should move to the Cloud…

Cloud Telephony
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Reliability is not just for German-built automobiles. Cloud services are governed by comprehensive backups and guarantees, call quality levels and resilient technology. Vorsprung durch telephony.

Your clients call to speak with you. They do not call to listen to your firm’s hold music for the third time in a day (and yes, that’s even if you have really good hold music). Advanced reporting allows you to spot bottlenecks, make changes and deliver an improved client experience.

Remember paper bills? They are now a thing of the past. Online service management means that everything from payments to usage statistics is a click away.

If the worst should happen and you need to implement your disaster recovery plan, the last thing you want to worry about is your phone system. Luckily, your new phone system, which is all backed up and lives comfortably off site, is one less thing to worry about.

Flexibility is not just for yoga practitioners. Adding a new staff member is as simple as ‘plug and play’. Was it that simple the last time you had to add a new line or, heaven forbid, an entire new office? Effective communication can be difficult. Your new phone system makes it easy.

Like the VIP room at a major event, a good phone system is only as good as its security. We keep the riff-raff out thanks to our ultra secure, fully compliant data centre.

We update software as standard, as soon as upgrades are available, with no extra charge. This means that you get the latest cutting edge technology. As standard. As soon as upgrades are available. With no extra charge.

All of your internal company calls are free even if they’re between different locations. It really is as simple as that.

We also keep external call rates low, set-up fees low and line rental low. This means that your new phone system requires low capital expenditure.

Invite people to join calls and edit documents in real time. Work anywhere there’s an internet connection. Your system won’t just help with your external communication. It’s designed to improve collaboration internally as well.

The above benefits do not apply to traditional phone systems, which means that many of your competitors will not have them. You’re not only getting a new phone system. You’re getting a competitive edge.

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