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Gain a whole new level of insight on your calls

The future of communications capture is here: scalable call recording software as a service that can be deployed in days – with zero hardware or CapEx required. Our fully-compliant call recording software helps you further enhance your customer relationships by capturing call content and making it easily accessible in ways not available before.

The business use cases for recording are now endless. The accessibility and content that can be gained from your recorded calls can provide benefits to all types of businesses, across all verticals.

Teams are becoming more mobile so enabling collaboration has never been more important. With our call recording, all users can have the traditional benefits of risk protection, but now have the added benefits that were previously not available.


Licence options to suit any budget Icon
Licence options to suit any budget

Our prices start from just £3 per user per month.

Choose: always or on-demand Icon
Choose: always or on-demand

Users can record every call, or only the important ones.

Secure, encrypted & fully compliant Icon
Secure, encrypted & fully compliant

Solutions built with the latest cloud technology.

Unlimited storage potential Icon
Unlimited storage potential

Our cloud storage is endless and extremely reliable.

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Built for the user

This is a revolution in Call and Communication Recording, as the platform is built with the concept to help every user achieve more from their calls. It has been built with complete security, reliability and unlimited scalability at its core.

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PCI Compliant Recording

Recording of calls related to credit card payments if becoming increasingly regulated. Our platform supports multiple methods of compliance and the solution can be tailored to any User’s level of compliance requirement.

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Team Collaboration
With correct permissions, every user can now benefit from recording, allowing instant playback and secure sharing.

Secure, encrypted and compliant
The recording platform has been built with the latest cloud technologies, enabling complete compliance and security.

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Reliable, endless Cloud storage
Gone are the days of deleting recordings because storage is running out or becoming too expensive. With our call recording solution, organizations can expect up to 5-year storage for recordings.

Contact Centre
Aspects of the platform, such as scalability, collaboration and advanced search provide substantial benefits for Contact Centres

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Akixi integration
In addition to accessing your recordings through the Recording web application, Akixi integration enables access to your recordings within your existing call reporting software.

UK Deployment
Our solution is deployed within UK data centres.

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Sentiment Analysis

Call sentiment is achieved by analysing characteristics of the speaker’s tone of voice, stress levels and speed of speech. Sentiment automatically identifies speaker’s emotions on recording and provides a snapshot report.

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Smart Search

Never lose a call with Smart Search! Use advance search features to locate previous recordings through a series of metrics such as sentiment, date, location, specific phrases, and many more.

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Keyword Tracking

Intelligently track specific phrases and keywords on your call recordings. This helps organisations to sort through recordings and identify certain words as triggers, tag these words to be highlighted on all other and future recordings, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a hosted phone system for a company?

You'll have peace of mind that you’ll always have access to the latest technology through free and automatic updates. This removes the usual expensive upgrade costs associated with traditional on-premise systems. We also include disaster recovery provisions built into the cloud, so your system will keep running even if a fire or flood strikes.

What level of in-house technical skills are required?

Concert can fully manage the setup and installation for you, and we’ll provide training for your users to ensure they can use the system properly. Because it’s based in the cloud, any changes can be made easily using online portals, or alternatively, our support team can take on implementing changes for you remotely.

Is the system expensive to install?

No. Choosing a cloud-based system removes the large upfront cost of traditional on-premise hardware, and the associated engineering costs needed to manage it. Cloud-based communication technology is the obvious choice for businesses who want to take advantage of the flexibility of a cloud software model.

Can I rely on the call or video quality?

As your calls will be routed through your internet connection, sufficient connection quality is important. We’ll ensure that you have a suitable connection for our product. We are also able to provide Leased line and Broadband products, meaning you can be assured of great voice quality at all times.

What happens if my requirements change?

A cloud-based system gives you flexibility. You pay on a per-user basis and you can scale up and down easily as your business grows or restructures, meaning that you only ever pay for exactly what you need, and can make changes to react quickly to business changes.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?

In the majority of cases, Concert can arrange for you to keep your existing UK landline phone numbers by porting the numbers over to our platform. The process can take a few weeks, but we’ll manage the whole process for you as part of your onboarding process.

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