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Centralise multiple locations

Operating with independent phone systems in each office is not only inefficient, but will also no doubt impact the level of service you are able to provide to customers. Concert’s cloud-based solution lets you centralise the management of your communications. All of your staff use the same technology, enabling them to communicate with each other as if they were all in the same building.

Free calls between your various sites Icon
Free calls between your various sites

Key savings every day

Centralise your business functions  Icon
Centralise your business functions

Stay in complete control

Route calls between sites Icon
Route calls between sites

Distance is no issue

Unite your workforce Icon
Unite your workforce

Form vital connections

Behave as one business Icon
Behave as one business
Eliminate hardware costs Icon
Eliminate hardware costs
Site and Business level Analytics Icon
Site and Business level Analytics
Seamless call routing between sites  Icon
Seamless call routing between sites
Unite your workforce Icon
Unite your workforce
Scale up or down easily Icon
Scale up or down easily
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Behave as one business

A single, unified phone system enables you to drive efficiency by centralising business functions or departments.

Manage all business communications from one place. Our administration portal makes it easy for you to make changes remotely by simply going online.

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Eliminate hardware costs

One cloud-based solution eliminates the cost of purchasing traditional on-premise PBX hardware for every one of your business’s locations. It also removes the need for specialised engineers, who are required (at a cost) to install, upgrade or make any simple changes to the system.

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Site and Business level Analytics

Our system lets you monitor and report on a single site’s performance, as well as providing a complete picture of the entire company’s communications, end-to-end.

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Seamless call routing between sites

Make better use of the skills and resources within your business by removing the location barrier.

Improve service levels by, for example, pooling site resources to handle inquiries at peak times.

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Unite your workforce

Break down silos and improve teamwork across locations.  As one system supports your whole business, every employee has access to the same great collaboration tools. The best people can work together on projects, even if they are based hundreds of miles away from each other.

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Scale up or down easily

Our cloud-based software is flexible and can scale up easily, meaning that when your business grows or branches out to new locations, your phone system will always be able to accommodate changes.

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Which Licence Works Best For You?

You can move a licence around, for example when staff leave or start, meaning that you don't have to think about cancelling or setting up new subscriptions on a regular basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a hosted phone system for a company?

You'll have peace of mind that you’ll always have access to the latest technology through free and automatic updates. This removes the usual expensive upgrade costs associated with traditional on-premise systems. We also include disaster recovery provisions built into the cloud, so your system will keep running even if a fire or flood strikes.

What level of in-house technical skills are required?

Concert can fully manage the setup and installation for you, and we’ll provide training for your users to ensure they can use the system properly. Because it’s based in the cloud, any changes can be made easily using online portals, or alternatively, our support team can take on implementing changes for you remotely.

Is the system expensive to install?

No. Choosing a cloud-based system removes the large upfront cost of traditional on-premise hardware, and the associated engineering costs needed to manage it. Cloud-based communication technology is the obvious choice for businesses who want to take advantage of the flexibility of a cloud software model.

Can I rely on the call or video quality?

As your calls will be routed through your internet connection, sufficient connection quality is important. We’ll ensure that you have a suitable connection for our product. We are also able to provide Leased line and Broadband products, meaning you can be assured of great voice quality at all times.

What happens if my requirements change?

A cloud-based system gives you flexibility. You pay on a per-user basis and you can scale up and down easily as your business grows or restructures, meaning that you only ever pay for exactly what you need, and can make changes to react quickly to business changes.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?

In the majority of cases, Concert can arrange for you to keep your existing UK landline phone numbers by porting the numbers over to our platform. The process can take a few weeks, but we’ll manage the whole process for you as part of your onboarding process.

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