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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
No matter what’s prompted someone to ring your business, this is your only opportunity to make that vital first impression. So it’s key that you offer the right client experience.

Factors such as how quickly the phone is answered, how long they’re put on hold or if they got to speak to the right department will all contribute to that overall view. We’ll help you to set up your new communications system the right way, with your clients’ experience in mind. We’ll show you how technology can help you to better serve your customers.

Data that tells a story
The reporting data our system provides can give you a truly accurate picture of a caller’s experience when they phone your business. This information can inform decisions relating to shift patterns, open times or call routing to help you better handle peak times for example.

Reduce time to answer
Use hunt groups and call routing set up correctly can ensure you don’t keep your customers waiting. And our Intelligent IVR system directs callers to the right department.

Seamless call transfers
Presence tool gives staff visibility of every user’s status, even if they are in a different department or location so you can always connect your customers to the right people, when they are available. Statuses include available, on a call, or on lunch etc. This information can help prevent calls from being lost during transfers or ending up at a voicemail box.

Integrate with your existing software and tools
Integration with your software such as CRM can be useful for presenting and capturing client information, and for features such as click to dial, screen popping and reporting. The open architecture of Customer Contact technologies makes non-standard and new integrations easy to achieve.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer calls than ever before
Sentiment analysis reviews a caller’s tone of voice, stress levels and speed of speech to provide a sentiment score for every call, meaning customer satisfaction has never been easier to measure!

You can set tracking on specific keywords or phrases used on calls, enabling you to, for example, monitor the impact of changes to a call script. Our call recording platform enables deeper call analysis than ever before.

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We Won’t Spam You. None of this information is shared, sold, transferred or communicated to others. Read our Privacy Policy here.

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