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Internet Connectivity

No matter what type of sector you work in, it’s likely you’ll use the net day in, day out so good connectivity is essential. We’re all demanding more and more from our Internet connection in the workplace for viewing websites, downloading images, video etc, and good connectivity will only continue to become more essential in the future. A good amount of bandwidth per user is vital and you and your business need reliability.
Internet Connectivity

You’ve probably come across the words ‘managed leased line’ in your search for a reliable connection, but are wondering how this really differs to broadband?

Check out our blog for a simple guide to the main differrences.

There are various forms of internet connectivity, here are some of the key features.

Internet connectivity comparison chart NEWEST.jpeg.jpg

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Why Concert?

At Concert we want businesses to have the best access to the Internet. So don’t lose out - make sure you’re using the right package for your business. We’ve got years of experience in the field and as we’re not an ISP ourselves, we’re totally impartial. And we have lots of partnerships meaning that we can get preferential rates for you. We’re also here 24/7 with an engineer on site ready to solve any problems.       

Want to find out more about Concert’s Connectivity Services? Read our product brochure here.