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Make sure you’re one of the  firms to benefit from our Secret Shopper research this year… it’s FREE to register!

For the sixth consecutive year, we’re carrying out our popular Secret Shopper research, which sets out to discover the best (and not so good) practices in communication among some of the UK’s top law firm.

And this years research is going to be bigger than ever! We’re expanding into other professional service sectors, and will also be testing how Accountancy and Wealth Management firms handle new business enquiries.

So not only will all participants get to find out how they compare to their competition, we’ll also discover how communication trends differ between sectors – they may be things you can all learn from each other!

Our research is conducted by Insight 6, formally known as Shopper Anonymous, a professional mystery shopper service. Each firm that signs up is called at three different points in any one day to find out how they respond to incoming enquiries.

Once the research has been completed, we’ll produce a free report with recommendations on how to improve communications and increase profitability.

The results from last year’s research gave the participating firms the data they needed to help them improve client experience and increase margins. They discovered incoming enquiries weren’t being handled as effectively as they might be, which meant all the time and money spent on marketing was just being wasted.

Here’s some of the highlights we discovered last year…

  • 28.5 – The average time spent on hold

This is an improvement on 2017′[s stats. How will firms perform this year?

  • Percentage of calls that went to someone who could help: 51%

The data suggests that in 49% of cases, the caller was left frustrated, and likely to go elsewhere!

  • 98.5% of calls didn’t get a followup!

Meaning law firms are still sacrificing most new enquiries

Does your firm follow up on every warm opportunity? You could be losing £1000,000’s from poor client experience!

Watch this space for this year’s results and advice for how to improve your client journey.