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Concert’s Cloud Telephony system provide customers with the tools to achieve more. Integration with many of the leading CRM packages and industry specific customer and business management systems, means customers can handle and convert a greater number of new business or customer sales enquiries. They do this by routing the caller to the right person at the right time, automating the process and ensuring that staff have immediate access to the customers information.

Serve better

Customers always want to feel valued and well served, and the expectation barHappy_Customers.png
is only getting higher!
Customer don’t want to listen to repetitive lift music on hold, hear an engaged tone, or worse still, not have their call answered at all! Our Cloud Telephony solution can support even the most sophisticated of call routing plans, making sure that you make best use of the capacity and resource you have in the business, regardless of where staff are physically based. Personalise the experience you provide to customers by getting their call quickly to the best person, first time. This helps faster call handling times, make staff more productive and improves the customer experience.

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Using our technology to improve interactions with new and existing customers, our customers have benefited by better handlng sales enquiries and improving customer service, leading to increased customer retention and measurable gains in sales performance. Make your technology work for you.