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Sentry Fraud Protection

Service Overview

With Cyber Fraud becoming an increasing problem for all businesses, Concert has developed a new solution to monitor and report any suspicious activity based on historical spending patterns. The Sentry fraud management service is mandatory and free of charge.

The service has two stages, the first stage alerts of the average daily spend threshold being breached and a potential threat to fraudulent activity/inflated call traffic. The second stage locks down the group affected by implementing an Outgoing Calling Plan (OCP) profile that will disable further calls to international and UK premium rate destinations. Please see below for the list of features within this service:

  • Self-learning using historical spend activity per group.
  • Cumulative daily spend calculated every 5 minutes.
  • Historical spend calculated daily, a sliding scale of multiplier ratios is used to calculate the alert and lockdown thresholds to give room for natural growth of all business sizes whilst providing limited headroom before activity is flagged as potentially fraudulent.
  • Automatic lockdown to deny calls to international and premium rate destinations when the lockdown threshold is triggered.
  • Post lockdown, alert and lockdown thresholds are doubled for the day to enable additional notification & protection throughout the day.

What should I do if I receive a lockdown alert?

In the event that Concert receive an alert that your threshold has been breached or group locked down from sentry, we will begin to investigate if it is fraud or genuine usage, once Concert has identified the route cause and ensured fraudulent activity has been terminated, we will discuss with yourself, returning the OCP back to normal service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the current procedure in place regarding fraudulent calls?

A: See below for the steps taken upon receiving Alerts.

  1. Concert Support is automatically notified by Sentry of threshold breach/lockdown.
  2. Following notification you will be contacted by Concert to discuss if you are aware of the calls that have breached the threshold.
  3. Concert support will ensure that any potential fraudulent activity is eliminated as soon as possible.
  4. You will be notified by Concert and investigation into cause will take place to identify fraud/genuine unknown usage.
  5. Route cause identified, support will contact you to discuss the cause of the lockdown/breach and returning the OCP back to normal service. Written confirmation by email will be needed to return OCP to normal service.
  6. In the event of fraudulent activity identified and confirmed, actions will be taken to confirm that any fraudulent activity in progress is terminated and mitigation taken to ensure it doesn’t re-occur. (Password changes, SIP detail changes etc.)


Q: Can the Alert or Lockdown thresholds be manually set?

A: Unfortunately no, in order to ensure that the threshold is not miscalculated and that accidental failure to assign the service doesn’t happen, this is not possible, the threshold and lockdown maximum call spends are calculated by an algorithm that allows limited room for spend out of the ordinary (previous 30 days) to occur.


Q: Are calls in-progress calculated?

A: Yes, although not in real time. Sentry is updated approximately every 15 minutes with details of all calls in progress.


Q: I am a new customer how do I know am I being protected by sentry?

A: No action is needed on your side, the moment your group makes its first call Sentry will see the call and apply the default new thresholds.


Q: What are the default thresholds for new customers?

A: The default daily alert threshold is £10.00. The default Lockdown threshold is £11.00.