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Concert's Secret Shopper Research 2018

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What happens when a new enquiry calls your firm? Are you like your peers, better? or worse?

It's time to find out...

Fill in the registration form details and we’ll include you as part of our Secret Shopper research for 2018. Your team will get a call, stating we have a new enquiry. We’ll tell you how we get on and how you compare to the industry at large.

We all hate to be put on hold when we are on the phone, and one of the highlights from last years report was that on average a potential client will be on hold for 44 seconds before being put through to someone who can help. Clients aren't preparted to spend long periods of time listening to 'dead air'.

Don't just presume how your firm comes across to new clients, take the test and really find out.


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Secret Shopper research 2018