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What do we do?

We identify your existing challenges with telephony and connectivity. We then explore how you handle calls, your call flows and your connectivity requirements and how they might be improved in order to maximise efficiencies and drive client satisfaction.


Why does Cloud Telephony suit legal firms?

Our team help you to set up a system that does some of the work for you, meaning no missed billable time and an integrated telephony system that brings up client information on your computer when they call.

We understand that it is easy to lose track of how much time is spent on the phone to a client and without integrated telephony billing, it's therefore easy to miss billable time. With an integrated case management system, you can accurately bill for the time spent on the phone to a client! It will assist with billing accuracy, help you reclaim billable hours and improve the billing process for fee earners.

Why should you contact us?

Whether your contract has just run out, your old telephony system has stopped working, your company is acquiring other firms or part of a merger, we can ensure that business continues as usual with quick integration. 

We’ll make sure you have control of your communications and keep on top of your billable time and client experience with our service management and self-service portal.

And did we mention that we might be able to save you money?


  • Telephony that integrates with Case Management Software

  • Voice Recording

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act

  • Great customer service and experience

  • Regain billable hours


Are you interested in how we have helped other legal firms? Read our case study to find out more.