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Secret Shopper 2018 

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How good are law firms at communicating with their clients?

We’re now in the fifth year of this report into communication between law firms and their clients, and the findings each year continue to fascinate us. 

As with the previous years, our approach to this report was simple:

We called 30 leading law firms, at three different points in the day to find out how they respond to incoming enquiries.

You never get a second chance at a first impression. How you handle an incoming enquiry could determine whether you achieve your goals for this week, month or even year. Our customer contact technologies help progressive law firms who want to enhance customer experience and loyalty, by improving the flow of communication and removing obstacles that result in customer frustration.

Want to know how you compare to the competition? Our findings will show you how good law firms really are at handling new business enquiries, and the simple changes you can make to get ahead of the competition.


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