The Rise of Cloud and Unified Communications (UC)

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Unified_CommunicationsThere’s no argument that business changes with the times. Or at least it should change with the times. Technology is key when following this rule, that’s not to say everyone should have the absolute most up to date operating system, but I can’t imagine many people are running Windows 95 anymore, and there’s a good reason for that.

Functionality. You could probably still run Windows 95 if you really wanted to, but it wouldn’t allow you to access everything else you need today. All the apps and software that rely on later operating systems would be useless. The truth is, telephony isn’t too different from this.

As Cloud services demand continues to increase within the communications sector, as does new forms of technology and within that, telephony. This drive towards Cloud will most likely lead to more business productivity.

There is a good chance that before long, most businesses are using Cloud Telephony because it offers extra functionality and can drive performance with the use of integrated apps. For those who choose not to adopt the Cloud services, it might become more and more difficult to maintain good communication in order to interact with other businesses and customers. Obviously this won’t happen overnight but it is a change that we can already see happening.

As Cloud services continue to grow stronger through 2015, telephony is always on the heels of the technology, ready and waiting to adapt and improve as the technology becomes available. Cloud allows businesses to gain a high financial return over shorter periods of time through its ability to help businesses be more productive. For example, through Cloud Telephony and software integrations, those who rely on billable calls can bill accurately based on the data captured by the software rather than trying to remember the timings or forgetting about it altogether.

As more SMEs turn to the cloud, it seems that they are doing so in order take advantage of business applications including Unified Communications.

Unified Communications (UC) is effectively the integration of real-time, enterprise, communication services with non-real-time communication services. These real-time services include instant messaging, voice and VoIP, mobility features, desktop sharing, call control and more. In some ways it is making office work smarter and telephony is certainly a part of that. The ability to go mobile for a day whilst having all of your calls forwarded and still integrated with the reporting software can be massively useful!

The Cloud and UC is offering the advantage of flexibility as well as service updates without disruption.

BroadSoft, a provider of Unified Communications is doing lots of application integration and partnerships to ensure that someone using their service with their telephony system has more options and a better suite of functionality.

It could be argued that the ability to access data digitally with speed and precision is what helps businesses thrive in an increasingly digital world. Imagine answering the telephone to a client and your computer automatically recording the details of the call – which client called, how long for etc. and linking it to their profile. It’s all very clever stuff that can help productivity and efficiency in a work environment.

UC is all about unification. Bringing everything together in one place and creating an ease of access and communication. It can offer cheaper calls and help to predict that next phone bill. Who wouldn’t want that?

Its rise has been based on the success of Cloud services and the ability to make the most of these Cloud services with apps and new functionality. Both Cloud and Unified Communications will continue to rise as a key part of business.

As mentioned at the start, business moves with the times, and right now that is moving with the digital times and technological updates. Telephony is part of business and still a vital part so it makes sense to move with the times and take on Cloud Telephony and Unified Communications! Concert’s own Cloud Telephony benefits from BroadSoft’s Unified Communications services in order to give customers a great system that allows them new functionality.