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Unified Communication and Mobility

We know that when communication is at its most efficient, everyone is at their most productive. Keeping your employees connected from wherever they happen to be working is critical to achieving your goals.

Keep it simple with one tool that lets you call, message and meet from anywhere and on any device.

Too many apps to collaborate with and a dispersed mobile workforce can create fragmented communication experiences that result in poor teamwork, broken processes and slow responses to customers. So, our UC-One software allows your people to collaborate anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Work the way you want, wherever you are…

UC-One is a softphone application that runs on smartphones, desktops and tablets. It brings all your key business communication tools together into one application, meaning that you can work at your best, no matter where you are.

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UC-One works on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones so you can call, message and meet while you’re on the go. Here are all the tools available at your fingertips…

Business DDI Presentation

This allows users to present their DDI when they are away from their desk, ensuring they are always available and providing a consistent service.

HD video calling

Enrich your relationships using high-quality HD voice and video calling from any device.

Real Time Presence

Users can see if individuals are available from their desktop or when using the application.

Mobile Meet

On the move? No need to worry, you can conference call and collaborate with up to 6 colleagues whilst away from your desk.

Instant Messaging

Communicate quickly and efficiently with individuals or groups using instant messaging.


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Want to know more?

Check out how easily you can call, meet and message using UC-One through our short videos...

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