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Video Conferencing made Simple...

Increase productivity. Enhance collaboration with our Virtual Meeting Room.

What is a virtual meeting room?

A Virtual Meeting Room, or VMR is exactly what it says on the tin - a “virtual” or internet based meeting space in which participants enter from a meeting room based conferencing system, or their desktop, tablet or mobile device, wherever they are located.

Our VMR software, with presentation and collaboration features, is the perfect way to facilitate board meetings, training or sales presentations without having to organise for every attendee to be in the same physical location.

Why use a VMR?

A “virtual” meeting space is perfect for businesses operating from multiple sites, and can also provide a host of benefits to help improve any business’s performance; from supporting remote working, improving internal communication, increasing productivity and enhancing collaboration to reducing travel costs, reducing reaction times and allowing you to better serve clients that are based in different locations, or even abroad.

Concert’s VMR gives you…

  • Professional HD quality video.
  • Presentation mode, screen share and all the data sharing and collaborating features you are used to in a physical meeting.
  • Record meetings, download and distribute afterwards.
  • Live chat functionality.
  • Usage reporting and analytics.
  • Multiple access methods including mobile, laptop, tablet or physical meeting room.
  • Secure access for participants, wherever they are located, without them having to download the software.
  • Can be used over multiple platforms e.g. Skype, or connect via a web browser.

And the VMR system is fully supported and managed by Concert, giving you life time support in the event of any technical issues.


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