We helped 50 law firms to understand how they communicate with clients. Here’s what we found.

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You might already have seen our infographic about what we found when we mystery shopped at fifty leading law firms. The results are quite startling and we thought you might want some more in-depth analysis.


If you’d like to know how your firm compares to the rest of the industry, then we’re happy to share with you that we’ll be mystery shopping again, and collecting new data, very soon. If you would like your firm to be on our list, you can submit your details here.. We’ll call your firm as a mystery shopper and let you know how we got on. You’ll get actionable data that will allow you to make changes for the better. And we do this at our cost.

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On to our analysis of 2015’s calls…

  • We called each firm to ask for a relatively simple piece of legal help. If the firm in question promoted the fact that they write Wills, for example, we called to ask for a price for their services. If they promoted property law, then we called to enquire about conveyancing. A staggering 83% of calls were not routed to someone who could help us. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. This happens to you. Do you eventually engage that firm? Or not? We’re betting ‘not’.

  • The average time a caller stays on hold without feeling irritated is 20 seconds. The average time we were placed on hold for was over 40 seconds. Being kept on hold is is often the result of having dated systems and technology. With no visibility, receptionists have to ring round departments to find someone who can take a call. Cloud telephony systems show firms who in their team, regardless of their location, can take a call at any given moment, thus reducing hold time (and irritated clients!). Automated call routing sends the call to someone who can take it in the first place. Again: less time on hold equals happier clients.

  • Time was a factor in our research. The worst times to get in touch with firms were between 8.00-10.00, 12.00-14.00 and 16.00-18.00. In other words: firms are particularly bad at communicating during the times it is most convenient for their clients to call them. Clients expect you to be available because their bank, utilities, insurance, and more are. Why aren’t you?

  • Several of the calls we made saw us speaking to firms who we felt had not considered the client experience.

    • We were told at one point to call a different number, as marketing handle all new enquiries. To the client, who handles new enquiries is inconsequential. We just wanted a price… and quickly!

    • Law firms are large and change regularly, but we were still surprised to be told by one firm that the department we wanted did not exist, despite the department featuring on the firm’s website. Clients are not concerned about why mistakes like this are made. They just move on to the firm that doesn’t make this mistake… and quickly!

  • Completely avoidable factors were to blame for several of the times we did not speak to anyone who could help. Call disconnects, for example, accounted for 20% of our failed enquiries.

Does your firm experience any of the above problems? Are they leading to you losing enquiries? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you could be communicating better? Are you ready to be the legal firm which provides a fantastic client experience, from first call to last?

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