What’s on at the Cyber Security Conference 2015?

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csc-logoIt’s less than a week until the Cyber Security Conference 2015 (CSC 2015) takes place at the Macron Stadium in Bolton! That’s not long!

As well as the many speakers that will be attending the event and giving you a whole new insight on cyber crime and the prevention of cyber crime, there are also breakout sessions, workshops and more to educate you on cyber security and best practice measures for getting protected in the digital domain.

Here’s some information on what’s on each day at the event:

Like any great conference, the event starts with a cup of coffee and a chance to do a little bit of networking and getting to know each other while you wake up.

The first day of the conference is focused more on the Nuclear Industry but if you can only make the Monday, there will still be some more generic information that can be applied across industries in the afternoon!

If you’re more interested in cyber security for professional and manufacturing services, then Tuesday 24th is the day for you! (That’s when Concert will be there to show you how telecommunications fraud and phone phreaking works!)

Day 2 – Tuesday 24th March – Focus on Professional Service and Manufacturing

The second day will focus on cyber security for Professional Services and Manufacturing and will begin with a chance to grab a cup of coffee and network with peers.

The first session will have a focus on The UK Cyber Security and will include: The Global Requirement, Procurement – The Impact of Information Security, The Government Strategy on Cyber Security and Relating the 10 Steps to Cyber Security.

After a short break the conference will carry on with a session about Supply Chain Cyber Security including talks and workshops on; Information Security in the Supply Chain, Threat Management and Using Threat Management to Mitigate and Comply.

If you still haven’t had your coffee quota for the day, a lunch break will follow before the conference moves into the afternoon with a stronger focus on data protection and sensitive data.

The afternoon will include the following talks and sessions: Data Protection: A view from the Regulator, Introducing the UK Cyber Forum, Introducing the North West Cyber Security Cluster, Securing Sensitive Data, North West Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The rest of the afternoon will then feature a series of workshops:

  • Information Security Standards for the Law Sector

  • The Internal threat Strategy – The Human

  • Panel Discussion – The Cyber Threat to Professional Services which will be followed by Closing Remarks 


Day 1 – Monday 23rd March – Focus on Nuclear

The day kicks off at 09.45 and the morning sessions will include the following topics:

  • The UK Cyber Security Strategy – The Global Requirement

  • Regulator Requirements

  • Cyber in the Supply Chain, UK Cyber Resilience

  • Cyber Security in action, demonstrations

  • Cyber Hacking in Context

  • How they (cyber criminals) do it

  • Dealing with unconventional threats with a conventional mindset and How we stop it.

The day will include a chance to get some lunch!

The afternoon will have a number of talks and workshops including:

  • Implementing Cyber Essentials

  • Securing Data

  • Supply Chain Security and Risk Assessment Requirements of Awe

  • Advanced data Exfiltration

  • Functional Safety and Security

You will also have the chance to visit exhibition stands where more specific information about different forms of cyber crime will be available.

There will also be a further chance to network with peers and cyber security experts towards the end of the day.

It’s a busy two-days but the wealth of information that can be learned from these two free days is priceless. The information given is there to protect you and prevent cyber crime such as hacking, viruses, telecommunications fraud and more.

Concert will be exhibiting on Tuesday 24th March (day 2) and we look forward to meeting you and teaching you the dangers of phone phreaking and telecommunications fraud.