Why you should consider Cloud Telephony in 2015

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Cloud Technology2015 is already being named as the ‘year of technology’. It’s not surprising as every year seems to become ‘the year of technology’ – mainly because it’s the digital age where technology advancements are made every day.

But maybe there is something different about 2015. After all, it is the year in the future that Marty Mcfly travels to in the popular film series Back to the Future. Whilst we haven’t quite gotten to the point of flying cars, autonomous cars are taking to some of the roads of Britain from January.

And then there’s ‘Cloud’. A term that seems misunderstood by many. Cloud is effectively off-site. Where you might usually store all of your data and servers on-site, cloud technology allows you to store it off-site, usually bringing advantages such as back-up and security.What about Cloud Telephony?

In essence, Cloud Telephony allows you to store all of your data off-site and without the need for onsite servers. With newer technology and telephony systems, you also have access to intelligent software that can enable new features to link with the phone system.

Reporting for example is a key feature of Cloud Telephony. It can be used in many ways and gives many options of what to report on. For example, if you are looking into the efficiency of how phones are used in your office, you can get individual stats on different users and different things.

You might want to know how many calls are coming in each day, how many of these go unanswered, how long does it take on average for people to answer the phone.

Knowing this information can allow you to assess how your team works and what can be done to make things better. If you work in an industry where calls are billable, such as in Law or Accounting, it can be useful to know how long calls take to be picked up on. If you are missing lots of calls, that could be losing you money.

So why should you be considering Cloud Telephony in 2015?

This can almost be answered in a few different ways. You could start by asking, why shouldn’t I have bought it 2014?

The answer, you should have. The earlier you consider it, the better. Cloud Telephony is flexible and scaleable in how it’s used. Unlike more traditional telephony, it doesn’t cost to keep adding users. Once you have it set up, you can add as many users as you like!

Cloud Telephony is also a technology that is continually being worked on and developed for and that means when an update comes out, you can get that update. It doesn’t have constant costs or need for an engineer, it can be sorted out on the providers side.

If 2015 really is the ‘year of technology’ then it is the ideal time to consider Cloud Telephony. It will grow and develop with technology and rather than jumping on the bandwagon later, it makes sense to be there for the developments to get the full use and advantage of it all. 

With technology advancements, the work environment is also changing. You may have already experienced staff choosing to work from home and with Cloud Telephony, this can be more reliable and easier than before.

Office phones can be forwarded to mobile phones for travelling or working from home, but more than that, calls can still be tracked and reporting on that phone is still possible. This allows managers to make sure efficiency is still high, despite staff working from home.

As a business, Cloud Telephony could help to make a difference, so if you haven’t already considered it, you should definitely consider it in 2015!